I remember when I found out the Tooth Fairy wasn’t real. My whole world was shattered. Granted, I was about eight, but I was furious to find out that my parents had been putting a quarter under my pillow every time I’d lost a tooth, not a sweet fairy named Daphne who lived in a castle made out of my pearly whites.

Luckily, believing in the Tooth Fairy is pretty harmless. Other myths, especially those that affect your business, are not.

In previous posts, we’ve debunked myths about marketing automation, social media, blogging, SEO, and A/B testing… but we’ve never touched on landing pages.

Keep reading so you don’t miss out on information that’ll help you convert visitors into leads and leads into customers. We’ll debunk the most common landing page myths and arm you with information to take your landing pages to the next level.


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