There’s a fairly obscure album by a guitarist named Duck Baker called There’s Something for Everyone in America. I don’t know a ton about it apart from the fact that it came out in 1975 and that its cover art is absolutely next-level.

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Neither of those facts is particularly relevant to this article, but the album’s title is. That idea that “there’s something for everyone” doesn’t just apply to America — nor does it have anything to do with what appears to be Lady Justice stabbing a tiger in the heart while Duck Baker casually looks on and smiles from a nearby window.

No, that concept is also relevant to niche blog topics. Everyone has something that’s meaningful and interesting to them in its own right, and in a lot of cases, those kinds of passions and pursuits can be channeled into a well-crafted, consistently maintained blog property.

Here, we’ll go over what you need to consider when choosing a niche blog topic and look into 50 potential blog niche ideas you can choose from.


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