One of the greatest music videos ever made (according to MTV) was released in 1990, winning Best Choreography and the hearts of fans and parody-creators alike: “U Can’t Touch This” by MC Hammer. This rap video (and those harem pants) made reverberations that are felt throughout pop culture today. But why am I talking about it on HubSpot’s Marketing blog?

In 2020, Cheetos bought a Super Bowl ad spot to promote their brand, and they knew it had to resonate with as much of their target market as possible, which was most likely Gen Xers and older Millennials.

Before you dive further into this post, take a gander at the video below:

If you laughed at the absurd idea that MC Hammer came up with the lyrics for “U Can’t Touch This” while his Cheetos prevented him from touching the keyboard, this commercial is for you. But if you have no idea what I’m talking about, then you’re not part of the audience Cheetos was targeting with the ad.

Now, if their target market consisted of young kids or older adults, they probably wouldn’t have gone in this direction. Fortunately, they had a powerful tool at their disposal: demographic segmentation.


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